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Number Name Created Post Area Address Status Last Update Change made
OC431297 PK LEASING LLP 30/03/2020 Coventry As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431300 GOSSCHALKS SOLICITORS LLP 30/03/2020 Hull As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431299 LINCOLNSHIRE CRYOTHERAPY & FLOATATION LLP 30/03/2020 Lincoln As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431304 ROYCELETS LLP 30/03/2020 Nottingham As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431301 DETROIT UK INTERNATIONAL LLP 30/03/2020 Reading As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431296 ADAMO SURVEYORS LLP 30/03/2020 Romford As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431302 GOODWELL JAMES LLP 30/03/2020 Cleveland As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431298 CAPITAL RIDGE PARTNERS LLP 30/03/2020 London - W As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431303 MEN'S ELITE CLUB LLP 30/03/2020 London - W As Registered 30/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431291 LOVIC VASTGOED LLP 27/03/2020 Canterbury As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431289 D & L HORTON PROPERTIES LLP 27/03/2020 Dudley As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431293 TEMPUS DELAY ANALYSIS LLP 27/03/2020 London - EC As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431287 RUSSELL HILL APARTMENTS LLP 27/03/2020 London - SE As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431294 ELM GROVE TDMP LLP 27/03/2020 Southampton As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431292 D3A LLP 27/03/2020 London - SW As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431290 TRANS ENGINEERING GROUP LLP 27/03/2020 London - W As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431288 MYRECOLOUR LLP 27/03/2020 London - WC As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431295 KINGSIZE TRADE LLP 27/03/2020 London - WC As Registered 27/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431285 TOTAL FOOTBALL LLP 26/03/2020 Chelmsford As Registered 26/03/2020 Incorporation
OC431284 ONESTEPLEFT LLP 26/03/2020 Leicester As Registered 26/03/2020 Incorporation

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